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Best Damn Humidors 

Backed by our lifetime guarantee


Humidor FEATures

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This Company is All About You

Whatever you need, we do our best to make sure we exceed your expectations. We feel so strongly about our products and creating a loyal customer base, that we offer a money back life-time guarantee on any of our products. Yes, you read that right. At the end of the day, you're our #1 priority. Write us with questions, thoughts, and ideas. We are always listening.

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Made From 100% Teak Wood

Teak is one of the most popular and highly valued timbers in the world due to its durability, resistance, and texture. Often used for outdoor furniture and even boats, this wood was made to last a damn long time. Its ability to resist warping was the main reason we decided to move to teak. We want our boxes to be made with the best materials we could get our hands on and we are confident we have done just that.

Trusted Partner of Boveda

The leader in humidity control for the past 20 years. Boveda humidity packs control your herb to a balmy and perfect 62%. When your bud gets lower than the ideal percentage, the pack starts working to keep your humidor sticky icky. How cool is that?! To learn more click the picture above and learn how this technology is helping to change the way you store your cannabis.

The team at Icky is equally as great as their product, I had a few questions and Jay helped me out quickly and with great knowledge on the product.
— Nick F.
Man... this thing is a game changer for those of you that want to keep your product fresh and sticky. It’s sleek and discreet but functions perfectly.
— P. Stevens

Bad Ass Icky Pipes


Icky Stick & GRinders 


Easy To Clean

The best way to clean your pipe is to use the our Cleaning Wand. If that isn't a viable solution, cut a Q-Tip in half and run the plastic side along the entire groove. Feel free to reuse the resin or throw it away. This cleaning will take all of ten seconds and you will be good as new.


Cool Smoke

The smoke must travel through a 32mm maze that is engineered to naturally cool the smoke before it hits your mouth. Careful though, this pipe is so smooth you may take in too much smoke.  Seriously.

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