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Icky Clean

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We all hate having to clean our pipes. It can be a tedious task that can make anyone frustrated. Well we just made your life a hell of a lot easier. With our Icky Clean solution, it has never been easier to get your pipe looking like new.  

Simply use our ALL NATURAL cleaner by soaking your pipe for an hour or overnight for tough build-up. Then just rinse all your worries away. I promise you will be amazed at the results. This cleaner requires zero effort and is safe for the environment. Perfect for ceramic, plastic and metal. 


Our Icky Boxes are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee that assures you are getting a quality product engineered for a lifetime of use.


No explanations necessary. If you don’t like what you get from us, send it back with 30 days and we will refund you. No restocking fees. It’s all good.


$5 flat rate shipping on all orders to anywhere in the U.S.A. From door to door in two to three days. For orders outside of North America, please email

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