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This is the humidor that started it all. Unique design, sturdy construction, seriously compact - this box uses every inch for a reason. A small and discreet box to keep your tobacco. Keep it in your bedroom or leave it out, either way, you're winning. The best part is, you will own it forever and a day. Made from 100% cherry wood, this humidor will keep odors out and more importantly the humidity in. It even has a shelf in the back for your lighter, papers or your Icky Stick. How cool is that?! Your product will breathe a sigh of relief knowing you care enough not to let them dry out. The natural stain is classic and shows off more of that beautiful wood grain.


  • Made from 100% cherry wood so it will last a lifetime

  • Never worry about your contents getting dry and losing their effectiveness

  • Maintains perfect humidity

  • Can hold up to 3.5 grams per tin container or 7 grams total

  • Can hold up to 10 Robusto cigars

  • Tight seal so the smell doesn't come through

  • Shelf for your lighter, papers or your Icky Stick

  • Each of the tin containers come with lids for spill-free travel

  • Holds a 60-gram Boveda Pack


  • Exterior - Width 6 3/4" x Depth 4 3/4" x Height 3 1/4"

  • Interior - Width 5 1/8" x Depth 3 3/16" x Height 2 3/8"

  • Back Shelf - Width 5 1/8" Depth 3/4" x Height 7/16"

  • Tins Containers - Width 2 3/8" x Depth 2 3/8 Height 1 3/8"


  • Elaborado en madera de cereza al 100%, por lo que durará toda la vida

  • Nunca te preocupes de que el contenido se seque y pierda efectividad

  • Mantiene la humedad perfecta

  • Puede contener hasta 3.5 gramos de hierbas por contenedor de estaño o 7 gramos en total

  • Puede contener hasta 10 cigarros Robusto

  • Estrecho sello para que el olor no penetre

  • Espacios para tus encendedores, documentos o tu bastón Icky

  • Cada uno de los contenedores de estaño está equipado con tapas para el transporte sin pagos

  • Contiene un paquete de Bóveda de 60 gramos 


  • Externo - Ancho 6 3/4 "x Profundidad 4 3/4" x Altura 3 1/4 "

  • Interno - Ancho 5 1/8 "x Profundidad 3 3/16" x Altura 2 3/8 "

  • Estante Trasero - Ancho 5 1/8 " Profundidad 3/4" x Altura 7/16

  • Contenedores - Ancho 2 3/8 "x Profundidad 2 3/8 Altura 1 3/8"


Our Icky Boxes are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee that assures you are getting a quality product engineered for a lifetime of use.


We make Icky products to hold up to a lifetime of use and guarantee your complete satisfaction with free returns within 30 days of purchase.


All Icky orders over $50 receive free shipping. You won’t have to wait long to start enjoying the best smoking experience of your life.

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